Entertainment Platform

ZAKZAK offers a platform for “money” and “health”, which are two major concerns of the future, as entertainment.

The Internet has valuable information, but most elderly people do not use the Internet.
・ Unable to operate correctly due to technical inexperience
・ Damage of password leakage and personal information leakage
・ Investment fraud on the Internet
They are afraid of various risks.

Statistics show that older people spend more time watching TV than surfing the Internet. Provides services to TVs in addition to tablets or smartphones.

One of our current project targets a population of 3,461,000 elderly people aged 65 and over (Japan: estimated as of 2016). We provide reliable online entertainment services for the elderly. In an emergency or disaster, it functions as a watching service.

We offer a service platform focused on security and billing and invite service providers. A part of billing at the time of service provision is the center of revenue.

Some services are provided by ourselves in cooperation with partners. We start service from Japan and expand service provision to the world.